Mitsushima Natsuteru, the descendant of the Hikari family, continued to fight against the evil of the world as Shokomi girl warrior Splandor. A mushroom monster fangarten appears in front of her. Natsuteru, who escaped the fungus in his first battle, was killed by a classmate manipulated by a mushroom spore. It was a angerous summer light, but he escaped again during the rematch with Fangarth and bathed in large quantities of spores. Fangarth knows that his spores have the power to disturb humans, and does not commit until he deprives him of the splandor which is being scolded by spores. And when you apply a mucus with spores to the body of the splandor that has been nailed on the cross... [BAD END]
  • Serie:
  • Actress:原美織
  • NO.:GHKP-12
  • Producer:GIGA
  • Label:GIGA
  • Duration:105分
  • Publish:Aug. 25, 2017
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