Kunoichi Aya of Mitora-ryu Ninjutsu washed her feet from the world of ninjutsu, and now she teaches self-defense at a city hall. However, he decided to participate in the dark martial arts tournament because of management difficulties. Okichi, a former agent fellow, comes to visit there. The car will act as a dictator on the isolated island "Takishima", which became an extraterritorial authority along the border, and once again visit Aya to work as an agent of the organization in order to expose the actual situation of Nisai Onizuka's activities that he holds the core. And Aya participated in the martial arts tournament hosted by Onizuka, and although he won it, he became embarrassed and was blamed for shame! [BAD END]
  • Serie:
  • Actress:葉月もえ
  • NO.:GHKP-38
  • Producer:GIGA
  • Label:GIGA
  • Duration:105分
  • Publish:Oct. 27, 2017
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