Seijun's incarnation and magical beauty girl mask principal. Today, she stands in front of the evil empire [Nightmare ] female executive Kasha who fights righteously. The magic masks and heroes Elmeroy, together with the power of our planet’s protectionists, have found some sort of ‘pore’ in the principal. Kasha succeeded in calling the principal to ruins and drowning with mamma. The cursed ring enclosed the principal, and Kasha became the principal, aiming for his beloved El Meroy. She is an evil female executive who has become a beautiful girl mask of justice as well as her body and mind. he was so skillful that he trembled on the heart of elmeroy... A real principal staring at all of the subspaces. "Oh ... that's not true me!" but she didn't get her feelings, and finally... A fake principal who GETs a virgin cock of El Meroy. The cashier, which stores the sperm deep into the uterus, holds the ring in El Meroy. "Hey, Mr. Elmeroy... this ring... Would you like to destroy it?" ... What happens !? our principal?! [BAD END]